Payment Policy

Our preferred methods of payment include cash, Linx, credit card or certified cheque. Personal cheques are NOT accepted.

Accident and Emergency

Upon visiting our Accident & Emergency Department, a deposit of $500.00 must be paid. Our attending physician will assess the medical condition and determine the course of treatment.

Upon discharge, any outstanding charges must be paid in full.

Emergency Medical Admission

Following your admission into the Emergency Department, if our attending physician determines that your case requires admission into the hospital, once the patient’s or relative consent is provided, patients are asked to pay a $5000 deposit. Our friendly Customer Service Representative will update you daily on your hospital bill for a hospital stay longer than one (1) night. Patients are kindly asked to keep payments updated throughout the duration of your stay.

Upon discharge, any outstanding charges must be paid in full.

Surgical Procedures

Prior to the scheduling of the procedure, the hospital or attending doctor will provide you with an estimated cost of the procedure being done. Upon admission, patients must pay the estimated cost in full. If any varying charges arise during the procedure, upon discharge any outstanding charges must be paid in full.


At least 4-6 weeks prior to your expected date of delivery, please visit our institution for a pre-booking. To register, please walk with your obstetric record. Upon registering, a deposit must be made depending on your type of delivery. At this time, you may also ask to review the delivery unit and you may indicate to our staff any special requirements such as special dietary requirements, private room etc.

After your delivery, upon discharge any outstanding charges must be paid in full.

Kindly be advised that hospital fees are paid separately from doctors fees. All doctors fees must be paid directly to your attending physician.

Insurance Clearance

Your coverage depends on the terms and conditions of your individual or company medical insurance policy. As part of our admissions process, St. Augustine Private Hospital will have to confirm the extent of coverage provided by your insurer prior to treatment.

For more information on your insurance coverage, please contact our Billings Department at 663-7274 or 285-7274 ext 2237/2248.

In some instances, doctor’s fees are required to be paid directly at the doctor’s office for elective and major surgical cases. Kindly confirm with your attending doctor the direct payment option.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your hospital charges, our friendly Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you during your stay with us.