Visitor Policy

St. Augustine Private Hospital recognizes the importance of family and friends and other outside support to your recovery. Although visitors are welcome, the hospital must however, protect patients’ right to privacy, minimize disruptions and maintain and safe, quiet and respectful environment.

  1. General visiting hours are 9:00AM to 11:00AM and 3:00PM to 6:00PM.
  2. Areas with unique patient populations (nursery, maternity and intensive care) have their own visiting hours. Visitors will be accommodated outside of the general visiting hours following clearance from the Nurse in Charge.
  3. Please co-operate with our security. Visitors are required to sign in and out at our security station. Visitor identification badges must be worn at all times and should be returned to the security in the main lobby when exiting the hospital. Visitors are restricted to visiting the areas relevant to their visit.
  4. Patients are limited to two visitors at a time, unless special arrangements are made with the nursing staff.
  5. The Nurse in Charge may further restrict the number of visitors and/or time of visitation if either is thought to be in the patient’s best interest.
  6. For safety reasons, children in lobby or waiting rooms must be supervised at all times.
  7. For safety reasons, and to protect patient privacy, no visitors are allowed in the operating theatres or recovery areas.
  8. In consideration of patients sharing the semi-private room, visitors are not allowed to spend the night.
  9. Patients in private rooms may have one family member or significant other stay overnight in the room, if the nursing staff and physician agree that it is in the best interest of the patient. Any relative who spends the night is expected to follow hospital regulations and directions from nursing staff or other hospital staff.
  10. If a patient is in isolation, visitors will only be permitted to enter the room after they have received instructions about precautionary measures, including hand washing.
  11. Due to our extended visitation hours, necessary functions such as patient care or ward cleaning may be carried out during visitation hours. Visitors are asked to cooperate with hospital staff as required.
  12. Visitors whose behaviour is thought to be inappropriate (boisterous/disruptive/disregard for guidelines provided by hospital staff), will be asked to leave the ward and/or hospital.
  13. No eating is permitted in the lobby or in the wards by visitors. A water cooler and coffee station is available for your use. Only approved snacks and drinks should be brought for patients. Please consult with the Nurse in Charge if in doubt.
  14. The hospital is a non-smoking environment. The consumption of alcohol is also not permitted in the hospital or the car park.
  15. Visitors are kindly reminded that speaking softly in the wards and along corridors is preferred. Mobile phones should be kept on vibrate or silent mode when you are in the hospital.